A novel approach to blogging a novel

OK, we all try to promote what our friends and colleagues get up to, and if we can help by promoting what they are doing to a wider audience then that’s great all round.

(Anyone who feels they want to do the same for me or Gravitas are most welcome to follow the lead on this, of course.)

My friend Emma Williams has a day job as an English teacher, but has just written her first novel and it’s called World Enough and Time. Well, I am always in awe of anyone who can actually demonstrate that not only is there a novel in them, but actually go the whole hog and produce it; and that alone deserves a plug to a wider / potential audience.

So I took a look at the book through her Facebook page and spotted a link to another page that she was asking people to ‘like’. This was to a blog called Emma C Williams blogging as Anna Jones. What on earth was this?

Well, the novel is aimed at teenage girls and Emma took a clever way to promote the story that unfolds in her book, by also writing a blog set in real time and from the viewpoint of the subject of the book as well – a teenage girl. What could appeal better to the target audience than a blog written for them?

Are you with me so far?

Perhaps it’s best to let Emma describe the concept (she’s the writer after all):

…blogging in character is becoming an increasingly popular idea for promoting TV characters but still seems to be rare for books.

Part of my idea to do it stemmed out of the need for me protect myself as a teacher, but the more I thought about the idea as a concept, the more I liked it.

The blog starts just before the timeline of the book and follows Anna’s journey, so readers will recognise events and experiences that are referred to in the blog.

The blog is now continuing to follow Anna as she proceeds through Year 11, the year after the main narrative of the novel.

It’s a nice idea, and even if not totally new (as if anything was) is to be applauded. I will not in the least bit be surprised if the novel does well and the way it is being introduced to its audience indicates a savvy use of social media.

You can order the novel from the website as a traditional book with real pages and a nice cover, or as an iBook or Kindle version.

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