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When is an infographic an illustration?

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

“Do you do infographics?”

We get asked that a lot, and being the sort of person I am, I always reply in the affirmative. But then ask them exactly what sort of infographic they are after. Because there are so many types of communication pieces (the proverbial picture painting a thousand words) it’s important to try and pin down what the end result needs to achieve.

To illustrate this, here’s a look at some of the recent infographics we have done which all take a different approach.

In the first instance there’s the what’s becoming the ‘traditional’ approach to an infographics such as here – a mass of figures that need to catch the eye and inform at the same time:








These use both line illustrations and photographic images (and of course, some nice typography). So yes, we do do infographics – is this the sort of thing you want?

Aha, you’d like something that is purely illustration based and can be used as a slide deck presentation.

How about something like these then? Facts and figures brought to life using the client’s colour palette and type style. Here are a couple of slides for your deck.


You like that sort of thing, but could we have some individual points brought out and illustrated? Of course, how about these?





You say you have to show a complicated process that needs a more pared back, simpler style? Yes of course, how about something like this?





Or if it’s a bit more complicated and needs explanation along the way, you could perhaps even go for a style that’s almost like a cartoon strip. How about this as an idea?





So, a bunch of infographics that look like infographics but can also be seen as illustrations.

Who cares what you call them really, just as long as they do the job. Get the message over quickly and simply and not in a ‘me too’ way either.

We’d love to take a brief for an infographic (or illustration) or two from you as well. Do get in touch to discuss what process you’d like visualised for your company.