Coming to a creative execution soon

I rather like this. It’s called Bounce Room. I don’t know why I like it, other than it’s the sort of thing you say to yourself, I’ve never seen that before.
Bounce Room

The Bounce Room 1 & 2 are by Michael Guidetti. Together with the paintings come projectors which add animation to the sceneries. Take a look at the videos on the site.

Social media is a wonderful thing isn’t it – you can spend your days picking up great stuff like this from the web all in the cause of ‘research’. I expect it will find a form in some sort of commercial application selling something that has no relevance to the original concept but will look very pretty. In the meantime enjoy…

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is the first time I visit your blog. I read some of your posts and am quite impressed with your presentation style and blog design. I have added you to my firefox bookmarks. Thanks! 🙂