Meet the team

Experienced creatives and account people

Here are a few mini profiles:

George – Founder and Creative Director

George is the founder of Gravitas aiming to bring heavyweight creative and marketing people to supplement agencies as a freelance operation, or to work directly with end clients. He has a wealth of experience in well known London agencies as an art director and creative head. He has run his own design consultancy and most recently headed a 28-strong integrated agency in London as Design Director and Head of Digital.

Mick – Well-seasoned art direction

Mick has worked as an art director, designer and creative head at some of the most respected integrated agencies and design groups in London. With a wide and varied experience in all aspects of design, building brands and delivering integrated award winning campaigns both online and offline, he has a great eye for detail and of course possesses the essential Gravitas approach in ‘getting it just right’.

Jennifer – Multi-faceted brand communications

Jennifer is mad keen on understanding a client’s brand interface with its stakeholders, then communicating the brand effectively at all levels. Her client-side expertise in B2C and B2B, together with an understanding of how organisations and people tick (she is a business psychologist!) means she understands the challenges clients face in today’s multi-faceted world of business communication.

Mark – Concepts and copy

Mark has worked in the agency world across all areas and is at home starting from a blank sheet of paper. Apart from being able to distil the essential USPs from complicated and disparate B2B briefs, then find ways of getting the messages across in a compelling way, he is also an accomplished TV and film scriptwriter.

Kevin – Copywriter and technology whizz

Kevin is a highly experienced copywriter who actually worked for many years at Microsoft as an account manager, so he really knows his tech stuff. He is adept in taking the really, really complicated and making it understandable to people without a specialist degree in the subject!

Chris – Communications specialist

Chris is another old hand in the game with masses of experience in corporate communications and tone-of-voice and, of course, a creative lead on hundreds of advertising campaigns.

Graham – Search engine expert

If you want to know about SEO, PPC, social networking or traffic driving, then Graham is your man. With nearly 20 years’ experience – making him there at the dawn of digital – he has the skills and answers to your needs at his fingertips.

Tom – Digital account director

Tom heads up the development team and is able to talk ‘geek’ in at least three languages. So far, nothing that we have chucked at him has fazed him, and as the person at the end of the supply chain is often responsible for turning work round to the tightest of deadlines. Every year he takes two weeks off to catch up on lost sleep.

Jan – Digital account director

Like Tom (above) Jan is the other driving force behind the digital side, and like Tom, he never rests when there is a deadline looming. Every year he too takes two weeks off to catch up on lost sleep, but not at the same time as Tom does.

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