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The BookSeekers are coming!

Friday, October 4th, 2013



We’ve just completed the design of a new site for The BookSeekers. All the branding and styling was done from scratch and we can’t wait to show the site off. The site is now in beta stage testing but to whet your appetite, here are some of the many illustrations featured there.

So what exactly is The Bookseekers? Let the guys say it in their own words:

Parents love kids’ books and there are lots of fantastic ones out there to choose from. Finding the one that is right can, though, be tricky. To help you navigate through the huge choice available for kids – from toddlers to teens – TheBookSeekers is launching this autumn. Here you can search for books using keywords, find a book based on ones you already like and browse collections of all kinds. 

One of the nice features is a Books in Series section which does exactly what it says – shows all the books in a series, and the order they should be read in. And if you want books aimed at beginner readers, explore our Learn to Read section…

We’ll let you know when the site is up and ready to view in all its glory!