What makes a good blog? A wry wit? Verisimilitude? An ability to use long words?

The following is inspired by a true story…

(Yep, let’s start with a cliché, but you have to start with some sort of attention grabber don’t you?)

A friend posted on a site today announcing he had started a blog and would like people to see what he’s written and we – hopefully – would pass some comments. He was rather bashful about it all but he needn’t have been.

I read the blog and zapped off a reply, then recalled that it was something that I have been asked quite a few times before – how do you write a blog?

So, unedited (pretty much) here’s what I wrote.

Don’t apologise.

Be tongue in cheek (avoid the smileys in a blog – they are fine on Facebook and forums of course) but don’t apologise.

People who like your style of writing will stay, people who don’t will not. It’s your blog not someone else’s. You. Your opinions. Your feelings.

Your take on life.

Be proud of it.

Hold your head high.

It’s one of the few places (apart from Speakers’ Corner) where you really can rabbit on about anything that you want to without fear of ejection, interruption, castigation or even expurgation.

(And another tip – every so often add a word you wouldn’t normally use in everyday conversation.)

Be yourself and have something interesting to comment on and people will drop by from time to time to see what you are up to these days.

It does take a while to develop a style, whether it’s a wry take on life, or a rant on officialdom, or just a general chat on things that are close to your heart.

Everyone has that novel in them as they say, and that novel (well blog in this instance) is the stuff that people can talk knowledgeably about.

And that is themselves.

So let’s hear about you!

And don’t apologise.

Oh – and showing a sense of humour (even if warped / opinionated / left field) is always good.

If it helps, that’s great.

If it doesn’t? Well, if I do get to hear back and you respond in a way I don’t approve of, I am also the Administrator too.

As Alan Partridge would say, “Back of the net!”

Or is it “Kiss my face”?

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