X marks the spot

Remember the old story about the consultant brought in to solve a problem that’s been bugging a company for years?

After a couple of minutes looking the machinery up and down (or whatever it happens to be in this tale) he takes a piece of chalk out of his pocket and marks the trouble spot with an X. Sure enough that’s where the problem turns out to be.

“That’s fantastic – how much do we owe you!” they cry.

“£10,000” he replies.

“That’s a lot for making a chalk mark!” they say.

“Making the chalk mark was £10. Knowing where to place it took me 30 years and that costs £9,990.”

People that have been in a business a while have learned their skills through constant work and being adaptable. They can see routes more quickly, they edit on the spot.

Sometimes that gets overlooked, but at Gravitas you’ll always hire consultants who can think for themselves fast – and often faster than you’d expect!